Benchmark Securities, LLC is an independent FINRA member broker/dealer focused on the fixed income markets.

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Fixed Income Sales and Trading

Benchmark Securities, LLC (“Benchmark”) (FINRA MPID and DTC#: BMKS 0279) is headquartered on Park Avenue, the historic district of downtown Winter Park, Florida, just minutes north of Orlando, Florida. Benchmark is an independent FINRA member broker/dealer and strives to be the most competitive provider of market-making functions to issuers, professional investors, and dealers in the fixed income markets. As a market-maker, the Firm engages in principal transactions in the municipal, corporate, and government fixed income arenas. Benchmark transacts business on a fully-disclosed basis through our clearing firm, Hilltop Securities, Inc..

The Municipal Trading desk is comprised of seven traders and a salesforce that specializes in different geographical sectors of the United States municipal market, trading bonds originating in all 50 states, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

The Corporate Trading desk is comprised of one trader and a salesforce that specializes in many sectors of the corporate bond marketplace.

Benchmark relies on the strong relationships that its team members have built over their many years in the industry. The firm’s trading partners include professional fixed income and municipal investors, such as money management companies, mutual funds, bank trust departments and other independent brokers who advise and sell to retail and institutional bond investors.

For more information, please contact the trading desk at 407-960-2710 or via email at